About us

Beginning and development

After starting in a 30 m2 large workshop in 1985, we moved to a substantially larger, but still, rental production hall in 1991. During this period, we also decided to purchase a building plot in the industrial zone Trzin.

Here, we built the production hall with 1100 m2 in 1997, and in 2008 we completed the construction of a new production and storage hall, which was built on adjacent plot. With the new building, which is connected with the existing, we acquired new 2000 m2 surface.

In 2015, after exactly 30 years of operation, the owner of the company decided to transform the company from a sole proprietor into a limited liability company.


The production of Plastika Repovš is focused on processing of different kinds of plastic materials.

We are challenged by all kinds of plastics processing technologies and products of various shapes and sizes, made from various polymers. For this reason, we were the first on the Slovenian market to introduce coextrusion blowing of packaging and production of PET packaging with a large neck diameter.


The company employs professional staff, invests in further education and supports and grants scholarship to young people who bring new ideas into the professional team of Plastika Repovš.


We are aware of the importance of preserving the environment and excessive energy consumption. Our guide is investing in modern technologies with low energy consumption and the production of low-mass products and high quality. We want to offer the buyer an integral product that has been created from our design to the final result in our company.

the team

Ervin Repovš



Vlasta Repovš

Managing director


Nataša Steklasa

Head of Accounting and Finance


Janez Jeram

Head of technology